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Ch. 33 Teaser #2

The second and final teaser before I release Ch. 33 (hopefully next week). Not to sound uppity, but *I* think it's worth the wait. Crossing my fingers that everyone will agree.

“I’m sorry,” I grumbled, as if this were somehow my fault alone instead of ours.

“Don’t be.” I needn’t look over at him to know he was watching me. Waiting for me.

Words broke into disconnected syllables as I replied, “Don’t do that.”

Another pan splashed violently in the water before he turned and faced me. “Do what?”

“Deny me a normal day.” Weak, pathetic, I begged him from behind my eyes, pleading to him silently in lieu of the words I couldn’t say. “This is detention. We’re washing dishes. Just…give me that.”

His right hand clutched the counter’s edge, even though I could feel that it wanted to reach for something else. Edward nodded and blinked once. “That I can do.”
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