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137_104_87_0's Journal

Fans of the fanfic Innocent Vigilant Ordinary
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One hundred thirty-seven. That’s how many people I’ve murdered in cold blood.

One hundred four. That’s how old I truly am.

Eighty-seven. That’s how many years ago I ceased being a human being and became the disgusting, soulless monster you see in front of you now.

Zero. The number of women I’ve loved in all one hundred four years of my existence. The number of women I’ve kissed. The number of times I’ve allowed myself to carry on the illusion of a relationship with anyone.

Zero. The number of minutes I’ll spend feeling anything aside from blood-thirst for you.

Welcome to 137_104_87_0, the community dedicated to the amazing fanfiction that is, Innocent, Vigilant, Ordinary.

Use this community to discuss the fic, post graphics inspired by it, and anything else you can think of that pertains to the story.


01. This is an appreciation community for the fanfiction Innocent, Vigilant, Ordinary. It is definitely not a place for hate or general Twilight news even if this fiction should be canon.

02. Don't become repetitive. One post for each chapter squee fest should suffice.

03. That's really all we have...

Please be aware this community will contain spoilers for all currently posted chapters.

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